Monday, June 7, 2010

A swell day I guess ? :D

Well, on Saturday, 5 June, me, my daddy and my lil' bro and sis go to Jusco Cheras Selatan. To do what? Well daddy want to buy 'Durian Belanda' but at last we got there, it doesn't sell. Rarely actually. Oh well, we go here and there. Until we stop by at 'Osim' shop. Then daddy got a good massage at there while me and my lil' bro and sis wait there. It was so boring. Cause nothing to do. Just sit there and look here and there. After that, we walk and my lil' sis got a balloon. Then we eat our lunch at 'Kopitiam' Wow, delicious babe ;) Then bought somethings at Jusco Supermarket and head off to home.

Oh and on Sunday, 6 June, me & my family go to Suria Klcc. Just walking around, here and there. Go to Parkson, Isetan, and many more. Then go to read some books. After that we go to 'Osim' shop, we got pretty good and awesome massages there. Wowii, urghh, my legs feels good! Haha, and then go to 'Romp' den bought a T-shirt. Nice and trendy. And cute too ;D Then eat out dinner and den head to home. What a tired day but the best day eva too ^ ^

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Waa, exam sudah abis. Hip Hip Hoorayy ! Haha. So the HOLIDAYSS begin babehh! ;) Happy holiday you guys. Hope you all have a swell holiday alright? :DD

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Day Had Come - -'

Wokeyhh, on the 25 May this year. And this exam is just not an exam but the mid year exam. Hoho. The exam is coming babehh. There's still a few days left to study. Urmm, The open book ceremony is begin tomorrow, Saturday. Haha. Maybe Saturday & Sunday I really have to do a lot of reading and revision. A lot of studying to do from now on. Wish me luck guys ;) And good luck to you out there too ^ ^

20 & 21 May 2010

Okay, hari Khamis aku tak pergi sekolah sebab sakit perut giler giler. Perhh, sakit kott. And hari Jumaat comfirm aku datang. Okay jelah kat sekolah. Just the same as always. Oh and tadi ada perhimpuan tak rasmi. Ramai cuak sebab dorang ingat ada spotcheck kott. Padahal mane ada pon. Just that cikgu bagi maklumat pasal peperiksaan sahaja. And den balikkk !! Haha, thats all for today. Thanks for reading ;DD

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Be polite is the best way people will treat you nice :)

To be polite, just say this ;

-> Say 'Please'
-> Say 'Thank You'
-> Say 'Sorry'
-> Say 'Yes, please'
-> Say 'No, thank you'
-> Say 'I am, sorry'

And many more..
Be polite alright people ;)

You + Me = LOVE

19 May 2010

Saya tak pergi sekolah hari ini kerana saya selsema lah. Hehe. Cuti sendiri, bak kata NurAsyikin a.k.a moyang. Hahah!! Okay. Tadi dah makan panadol and zytac. Perhh, tak sedapp. Memang lah, ubat mane ada sedapp, betoll tak? Haha. Saya sudah ada photoshop. *bangge nie :DD saya nie kadang-kadang ketinggalan zaman lah, bak kata orang. harap maklum ;DD Sekarang kene tunggu dia upload ke bende tah. Haha!! So, kene lah tunggu. Sambil menunggu tuh bukak ah and dengar lagu Justin Bieber lahh pe lagi! Hehe. Okayy, aku bosan lah. I miss my adorable babyboo's. Sorry aku tak datang ye beb. Aku tak bape sihat. So, duduk jelah kat dalam rumah and online. Lagipon takde mood nak datang sebab tak sihatt lah derr.. - -'